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Project 2009

Aim of the project
The main aim of the project is to develop a concept for a new project together with the youth of the bigger societal groups in Kosovo which carries the idea of reconciliation on to a bigger target group and possibly could give the youth a chance to meet during the whole year to sustainably overcome existing conflicts. Thereby Jugend für Zukunft will be very responsive to the needs, wants and desires of the kosovarian youth. To this end Jugend für Zukunft will host a conference in August this year in which shall be worked out together which shape such a project could have. To this conference other organisations will be invited who are dedicating there work to the kosovarian youth to achieve synergies within the commitment for a sustainable development in Kosovo.

Implementation: The plans and/or project/-s worked out in the conference shall become a real project after the stage of composition. As it is probably not possible to implement the project in summer 2009 the plans could also serve as a basis for a project 2010.

Framework data
Arrival of the participants from Germany and Switzerland:
  03. August 2009
Start of the project: 05. August 2009
End of the project: 19. August 2009
Departure of the participants from Germany and Switzerland:
  23. August 2009

Conference from August 5th to August 11th
Start of the planning stage of the new project:
  August 12th to August 18th
• Final celebration at August 19th

One delegation of 6 members of the youth from each, Albanians, Serbians and Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians, as well as representative of the participating organisations and up to 20 participants from Jugend für Zukunft / Youth for Future.

Tentative list of the participating organisations
(according to non-obligatory verbal consent in March/April 2009)
  • Balkan Sunflowers (Kosovo)
  • Caritas Suisse, Office in Kosovo
  • CIMIC-Company of the German KFOR
  • Communication for Social Development
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kulturgutschutz
  • Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Pristina, directorate for Political, Cultural und Press Affairs
  • German Technical Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft fürTechnische Zusammenarbeit),
  • Programme Empowerment and Development of Youth in Kosovo (EDYK)
  • Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, Department of Youth
  • Sport Sans Frontieres Kosovo
  • YMCA Kosovo
  • Youth Action for Kosovo
  • Youth Centre Pristina
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights

Schedule (exemplarily)
Day 1 (05. August) opening celebration, introduction of all participants, institutions and organisations, thereafter informal get-to-know of the participants, accompanying activities - participation of all organisations and institutions.
Day 2 (06. August) presentation of project ideas and proposals, first selection
Day 3 (07. August) reduction of the project proposals to a manageable number
Day 4 (08. August) trip / free day
Day 5 & Day 6 (09. & 10. August) Discussion about project concepts, their practicability, as well as their costs and benefits, etc (probably in Boge)
Day 7 (11 August) free day / trip
Day 8 (12. August) presentation of the results / presentation of one or more possible project concepts - participation of all organisations and institutions
Day 9 (13. August) discussion of possibilities for cooperation with all possible partners
Day 10 (14. August) concretion of the concept
Day 11 (15. August) trip
Day 12 (16. August) free day
Day 13 (17.August) concretion of the concept, definition of responsibilities, etc
Day 14 (18. August) completion of the project schedule
Day 15 (19. August) presentation of the results / schedule / concept for a project, final celebration - participation of all organisations and institutions.

General conditions
The conference will be held in English.

The project will take part in the Don Bosko School Pristina. Furthermore there will be three trips around Kosovo, one possibly including a night in Boge.

Responsable of the project
Benedikt Ibele


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